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Variabilidade Sazonal de Camarões Planctônicos na Plataforma Continental do Amazonas

O GT2.2 (Variabilidade Espaço-Temporal da Diversidade e Estrutura Trófica do Ambiente Pelágico na Plataforma Continental) tem uma novo artigo publicado no Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom (FI: 1.181) intitulado "Factors affecting the seasonal variability of planktonic shrimps (Dendrobranchiata) along an estuary–ocean gradient on the Amazon continental shelf" de autoria de Leiliane Souza da Silva, Danielle Viveiros Cavalcante-Braga, Caio Brito Lourenço, Ralf Schwamborn e Jussara Moretto Martinelli-Lemos.


Dendrobranchiata shrimp taxonomic composition and spatial and temporal distribution on the Amazon continental shelf (ACS) were investigated along a transect between the sources of the Amazon and Pará Rivers, encompassing an extension of !250 km towards the contin- ental slope. Plankton was collected with oblique trawls (200 !m mesh size), and nine taxa were found; 59.4% were larvae (mysis or decapodid stages) and 40.6% were juveniles or adults. Acetes was negatively related to chlorophyll-a and temperature, and Luciferidae were posi- tively correlated with months. This study provides novel information on the density distribu- tion of dendrobranchiate shrimps, thus helping to pave the way to characterize a large-scale, hugely relevant area that is poorly studied. As in other tropical coastal areas, there is here an increase in number of taxa with increased distance from the coast. Luciferidae, Solenoceridae and Penaeidae were the most frequent families whereas Sicyoniidae and Sergestidae had the lowest frequency of occurrence nearer the slope. Despite the low larval density of penaeid shrimps, their presence in all months and at all sampling sites along the ACS proves the importance of this area for shrimps with socioeconomic relevance, as well as its importance as a nursery and growth habitat for dendrobranchiate shrimps.

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