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GT 1.1 Apresenta Trabalho no AGU 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting

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2014-03-17 at 9.45 PM

A doutoranda Mirella Borba Santos Ferreira Costa (IOUSP) apresentou trabalho realizado no âmbito das atividades do GT1.1 – Respostas da Linha de Costa – coordenado pelos profs. Eduardo Siegle e Tereza Araújo,  no 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting. O evento é organizado pela American Geophysical Union e ocorreu em Honolulu no Hawaii entre os dias 23 a 28 de Fevereiro, reunindo aproximadamente 5000 participantes. O trabalho apresentado foi  “Shoreline changes analysis at Rocas Atoll as a tool to improve spatial planning strategies” (Costa, M.B.S.F; Macedo, E.C.; Siegle, E.).


Trabalho de campo no Atol das Rocas


Praias arenosas do Atol das Rocas


SHORELINE CHANGES ANALYSIS AT ROCAS ATOLL  AS A TOOL  TO IMPROVE SPATIAL PLANNING STRATEGIES – Mirella B.S.F. Costa; Eduardo C. Macedo; Eduardo Siegle Rocas Atoll, the only atoll at South Atlantic Ocean, is one of the world’s smallest and most pristine atolls. It is managed by the Brazilian government as a no-take marine protected area where permissions are only given for research activities. Due to the small size of its reef island (Farol islet), shoreline erosion is one of the main concerns for local managers, which may affect the existence of seabird and turtle nesting sites, as well as the human presence. The goal of this work is to investigate the erosion on Farol islet using aerial photographs and tridimensional DGPS surveys. Results show that although the reef island is higher on the oceanward (about 4m above mean sea level) this margin is been historically eroded. However, the lagoonward margin which does not exceed 1–2 m in height is increasing over time. Overall, land area approximately doubled from 1984 to present. Results presented in this study show that the entire footprint of the islands is able to change so that erosion at the local scale (on one portion of an island) may be compensated by accretion on other parts of the shoreline. Furthermore, these results contribute to spatial planning of the Farol islet on Rocas Atoll.

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