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Networking Friday com David Obura

Atualizado: 27 de abr. de 2021

Nessa sexta-feira, 12 de fevereiro, às 10h de Brasília, acontecerá o Networking Friday com David Obura Diretor Fundador da CORDIO East Africa com moderação do professor Dr. Ruy Kikuchi (UFBA), integrante do inct AmbTropic II.

Networking Friday é uma série de reuniões on-line organizada pela Air Centre transmitidas todas as sextas-feiras pelo canal do YouTube.

"In this talk David will outline how coral reef biodiversity observation and monitoring networks, and networks of communities, practitioners and scientists engaged in coral reefs, may provide a foundation for the multiscale decision-making that will be needed to give reefs the best future possible. As a ‘canary in the coal mine’ for climate change, learning from coral reefs may also provide signposts towards sustainability relevant to other ecosystems that are critical for people and planet, from local up to global levels."

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